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Work-From-Home-Tips aims to give you inspiration and ideas by looking at many of the work from home jobs available and showing how it is possible to be your own boss and earn a full-time income working from home.

Working from home for yourself can be a very rewarding and fulfilling way to earn a living but the prospect of giving up a secure job with a regular paycheque can be very daunting. The aim of this website is to give practical tips, advice and inspiration showing how you can make a success of working from home.

So why do people want to work from home? Some are fed-up and bored with the 9 to 5 rat race and yearn for the independence and flexible hours they can work by becoming self-employed. Some simply want to earn just a little extra money part-time to supplement their regular income. Others find through circumstances (perhaps by becoming a single parent, or because of illness) working from home is their only practical option for earning money. Whatever your reason for wanting to work from home I hope to give you inspiration and ideas to help you turn your dreams into reality.

Personally, if your circumstances allow it, I strongly favour the start slow, low risk, approach allowing you to successfully build up your work-from-home business slowly over time until you are ready to take the plunge and launch into it full-time. Although I will touch on some franchise opportunities with which you can start earning a reasonable income from home right from the day you start most of the methods I will touch on need you to build up a customer base over a period of time.  However these “slow start” schemes are ideal if you currently only have a few hours each week available, or feel you need time to build up confidence to launch into full-time self-employment.

The aim of this website is to share practical ideas, tips and advice, and review the resources and opportunities available, to help people earn a living by working from home. I share my own experiences and touch on important, but often neglected, practical subjects such as how to register as self-employed with HM Revenue & Customs as well as very down-to-earth subjects such as choosing and opening a business bank account.

I live in the UK so the work-from-home advice I give in this website is biased towards people who are also living within the United Kingdom but many of the ideas I put forward are universal and may still be of interest to people living elsewhere.

You will notice that, where possible, I have, within the text of each webpage, included clickable links to most of the websites I mention so as to save you time looking them up. I have also included a quick reference list to resources and useful websites on my USEFUL LINKS page.

As you browse this website you will find pages covering many topics:

  • On this website’s EBAY page I discuss how to open an eBay account, find items to sell, and start selling on eBay successfully. I also mention where you can buy items to sell on eBay at wholesale prices.
  • On my EBOOKS page I discuss how to write, publish, and successfully sell your own eBook (book in electronic format).
  • On my OPPORTUNITIES page I discuss several several “ready-made” businesses which you can run from home if you need inspiration or do not know where to start.
  • On my YOUR PC page I look at the importance of having a reliable PC and recommend several manufacturers and on-line shops.
  • On my INTERNET page I discuss your connection to the internet and the importance of virus protection.
  • On my YOUR WEBSITE page I discuss the importance of having your own website, choosing and registering a domain name and choosing a reliable company to host your site.
  • On my ADVERTISING page I discuss how to advertise your website and services on the internet, and also how you can earn income by placing other companies adverts on your own website.
  • On my FINANCE page I discuss opening a Business Bank Account and raising Start-Up Capital to kickstart your business.
  • On my PAPERWORK page I look at how to register as self-employed then take a brief look at National Insurance, VAT, and accountants and mention the importance of keeping accurate accounts and the software you can use to help with this task.
  • My BOOKSHOP page shows several books available from Amazon about working from home.
  • MY FAQ page lists some of the questions I am frequently asked and gives a brief, concise answer to each.
  • Finally you will find a CONTACT US page through which you can email your questions, comments, and suggestions to me.
  • Finally on my NEWSLETTER page I discuss why it is important for every business to have their own regular newsletter and give you the opportunity to subscribe (free of charge) to mine.

If you have any comments about this website then feel free to contact me via my CONTACT US form and, remember that should you wish to subscribe to our free newsletter you can do so via my NEWSLETTER page where I also discuss the reasons why you too should offer your own newsletter to your own customers.

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